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School of Continuing education

A key university under the direct control of the Ministry of Education of China, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is a multidisciplinary university focusing on undergraduate and graduate education in economics and management in coordination with the development of law, liberal arts and sciences. It is among the first group of universities which entered the national “211 Project” in China, a project aiming at cultivating high-level elite universities for national economic and social development strategies in the 21st century. SUFE is also awarded “the Key University for Undergraduate Education” by the Ministry of Education of China.

The School of Continuing Education is under the leadership of SUFE with 58 teachers and staff members, 8 of whom have senior academic titles and 24 have intermediate ones.

The School of Continuing Education has the Curricula Education Department, the International Cooperation Department, the Administration Office, the Office of Self-Taught Examinations for Higher Education, the Multidisciplinary Teaching and Research Office and the Training Centre.

In the recent years, keeping pace with the economic reform, we have dedicated ourselves to many business and management subjects in which we have great advantage. Now our evening college covers majors of Accounting, Finance, Business Administration and Insurance Science for undergraduate students; we also offer majors for junior college students such as Accounting, International Finance, International Trade and Business Administration. Furthermore our correspondence education includes majors of Accounting and Finance for both undergraduate and junior college students. Moreover, our Self-Taught Examinations for Higher Education involves Accounting major for undergraduate and junior college students; we also have undergraduate majors of Marketing, Market Research and Technology Analysis together with majors of Purchasing and Supply Management for both undergraduate and junior college students. Over the last 50 years, over 35,000 students have graduated from the School of Continuing Education and many of them have taken the leading positions and are playing a very important role in the government and business organizations.

In the teaching practice, the School of Continuing Education has inherited and carried forward its fine traditions and persevered in the socialist orientation in education provision by offering a suite of standard courses for continuing education and struggling for excellence, which earned the school commendations from higher organizations. In 1981 the school was awarded “Excellent Unit for Workers’ Training” by Shanghai Municipal Government. In 1982, it was included on the list of “Advanced Higher Learning School of National Universities”. In 1994, the school was selected as “Excellent Working Unit of Student Enrollment”. In the assessment of evening colleges and correspondence in 1997, the school was evaluated as “Excellent School” by the Ministry of Finance. In 1996 and 2001, the school was named “National Excellent Working Unit of Self-Study Examination for Higher Education”.

At present the School of Continuing Education has over 8,000 registered undergraduate students and more than 100,000 students of self-taught examinations for higher education. It has now developed from a school with only evening college education into a continuing education base of a certain scale to include evening college, correspondence education, self-taught examinations for higher education and professional education and job training, which is varied in form and level, complete in system, and sound in management organization with its well-equipped teaching facilities and high standards of teaching.