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2018 International Talent Development and Management Forum

On May 15th, 2018, as part of the celebration activities for the 100th anniversary of Antai College of Economics & Management (ACEM), the Master of International Business program (MIB) organized the International Talent Development & Management Forum on Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dean Zhou Lin, Secretary of the Party committee Yu Mingyang and Deputy Dean Tang Ningyu attended the forum. Guests from 30 different companies, including potential employers and industrial advisers of MIB participated the forum. The theme of this forum was “New Times, New Challenges, New Talents”, aiming at getting together representatives from the industry to discuss with educators how to develop and manage capable international talents and facilitate their career development in China. Professor Lu Lin, Director of MIB, hosted the forum.


The forum started with a speech from Dean Zhou Lin. He talked about the internationalization process of Antai College of Economics & Management. Moreover, he expressed his expectation for close and innovative collaboration between ACEM and the industry to train and develop high-quality international talents for business.


The first session of the forum included four keynote speeches. Ms. Zhu Hong, Recruitment Director of Shanghai Lingang & Caohejin Talent Company shared their experience and expectations in hiring foreign talents. Ms. Liu Yao, GM of Shanghai Jiajie Investment Company shared her experience in coaching the international talents and gave suggestion on how to train foreign talents to meet the market demand. Ms. Rakhat Atchibayeva, on behalf of MIB alumni, talked about her study experience in Antai and her work experience. Finally, Deputy Dean Tang Ningyu gave a speech on the international education in ACEM, especially the development process of MIB in the past 5 years. She also talked about the development plan MIB program in the future.


In the second session Mr. Yang Long, CEO of Mareer Company, Mr. Lin Xiongjun, HR Director from Minshi Group, and Mr. Huang Youlv, HR manager from Huawei, were invited to join the panel discussion hosted by MIB Director Lu Lin. They shared their experience of hiring and managing international talents and focused on how to make the international talents more helpful to China’s internationalization progress. Other guests in the forum also actively joined the discussion.


Professor Yu Mingyang, Secretary of the Party Committee in ACEM, delivered an important speech at the forum. He thanked all the participants and organizers of this forum and highly recognized the value of this forum. Meanwhile, he expressed confidence and expectation for future development of international student education in ACEM.