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About Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology founded in Yan'an in 1940 is a national key university. It is a research-oriented university of science, engineering and humanities with science and engineering as its backbone. It is one of the first universities to be authorized to open a graduate school and was funded by the central government. BIT is also one of the national "Project 211" universities receiving preferential support from the state. In 2000, BIT was listed in "Plan 985", which gives priority for development by Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND), Ministry of Education (MOE) and Beijing Municipal Government. In 1999, BIT passed the evaluation for "Outstanding in Undergraduate Program" sponsored by MOE. BIT ranks among the first-class universities for its high educational and research quality, strong faculty teams, and academic programs with distinct characteristics.

overseas students are having calligraphy classthe beautiful campus

Overseas students are having calligraphy class                  The beautiful campus

Beijing Institute of Technology has an enrollment of students of 37,004, including 16,411graduate and secondary students 5,179 applicants for Master and 1,904 for doctoral. In addition, it has also 347 overseas students.

There are over 3,500 teaching staff including 9 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 5 Chang Jiang Scholars , 376 Professors,906 associate professors. Experts with outstanding contributions at the national level:18 Recipients of special subsidies from the central government:251In order to improve the strength of the faculty, BIT attaches great importance on the import of talents. BIT appointed 174 visiting professors, 38 advisory professors and 6 honorary professors in China, plus, 45 overseas visiting professors and 12 honorary professors and conferred 2 honorary doctoral degree to Mr. Shaper from Germany and Mr. Sheffield from the USA.

Campus Size
The main campus of Beijing Institute of Technology occupies an area of 920,700 square meters, with a floor space of 724,000 square meters. The eastern Campus covers an area of 2,000,000 square meter.The construction area for Zhuhai 3,330,000 square meter.

Beijing Institute of Technology has 11 academic schools and 43 research institutes (or research centers)Education program includes Undergraduate, Master, Continuous, Distant Vocational and Overseas students programs.It has 11 state key disciplines, 25 ministerial disciplines. Beijing Institute of Technology is authorized to confer doctor and master degrees. It also has 14 post-doctorate stations, 57 disciplines to confer doctor degrees, 89 disciplines master degrees. It has 55 undergraduate majors in total.

Beijing Institute of Technology has 3 State Key Labs, 4 Labs for State Key Discipline, 1 open Lab of State Education Ministry, 4 Key Labs of Beijing city.The annual fund for research amounts to 620 million RMB. 33 awards for research at ministerial level or above; 2217 thesis, 577 thesis collected by Sci, Ei and ISR, 97 patents, 13 letters pattern.

The library has more than 1,150,000 volumes. Besides, it has350,000 electronic journals and books.