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About Beijing Jiaotong University

Beijing Jiaotong University, situated at Xizhimenwai of Beijing, is a key university directly under China’s Ministry of Education. Its predecessors are Beijing Railway Management Training Institute and Beijing School of Posts and Telecommunication set up in Qing Dynasty. In 1921, the school was integrated into two industrial technical schools respectively in Shanghai and Tangshan thus to form the National Jiaotong University, with three branch universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Tangshan, Beijing Jiaotong University was thus called as Beijing Campus of National Jiaotong University. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China in October 1st 1949, BJTU was re-named as Northern Jiaotong University (NJTU) by the State Council. Chairman Mao Zedong appointed Academician Mao Yisheng, a nationally renowned expert in bridge engineering, as the first president of NJTU.

Beijing Jiaotong Universitymain building

In 1951, Chairman Mao Zedong autographed the name of the university. 1981, BJTU became one of the first key universities authorized by the central government to confer master's and doctoral degrees, and subsequently to confer titles of associate professors, professors and Ph.D. advisors. In July 1994, BJTU was selected as one of the first universities in the National 211 Project. In April 2000, Beijing Electrical Power College was merged into NJTU. Then the university was transferred from the Ministry of Railways to the Ministry of Education. In September 2003, the university restored the name Beijing Jiaotong University.

Introduction of School of Software Engineering (SSE)

The School of Software Engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University was founded in March, 2003. As one of the  key software engineering schools, School of Software Engineering the most advanced educational philosophy which is based on CDIO engineering educational principle and combined with the innovation explored by ourselves. Guided by this principle, the best teaching service is provided to our students in order to make them be cultivated to the most desired talents by software and IT industry. The school moves into high speed development phase now. There are around 1,000 regular registered students and over 100 staff in school. In 2007, the major of software engineering in our school was rewarded to National Level advance Major by Ministry of Education in China, and the school was granted to be The Software Engineering Talent Cultivation Base.

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Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the first universities authorized to enroll overseas students. Up to now, it has trained over 2,600 foreign students and visiting scholars from as many as 40 countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Europe, America and etc. we have successively established cooperative relations with over 40 universities in America, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Russia, Canada, Korea, Ukraine, Singapore and etc, and cooperate with Siemens, Alstom, Intel, Cisco and other internationally famous Hi-tech corporations. Furthermore, we have employed over 1,000 famous experts and professors from 20 countries and regions to visit and teach in our university, and about 30 renowned scholars take the posts of honorary professors and advisory professors, and in turn, we have sent about 500 teachers and students to attend in advanced studies abroad. We have also either held or sponsored several international academic symposiums.

Guided by the spirit of solidarity, diligence, practicality and innovation as well as humility and wariness, Beijing Jiaotong University is moving forward to the goal of developing into a first-class university both at home and abroad.

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