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About Beijing Sport University

Beijing Sport University (BSU) is one of the first universities awarded by the State Council as a key university after the founding of the People’s Republic of China,and the national "Project 211" key construction university.

Beijing Sport University is the only university that has the first-class discipline of sport science, which is one of the national key disciplines, and also the only sport university that is included into the "111 Foreign Intellect Introduction Program", enjoying reputation at home and abroad. BSU was founded in 1953 with the original name of Central Institute of Physical Education. It was renamed as the Beijing Institute of Physical Education in 1956 and Beijing Sport University in 1993.

Currently, BSU consists of 7 colleges, 4 departments, 2 elite sports schools, 4 centers and 1 teaching section. The total number of BSU staff is 1286, among whom 606 are academics, 365 people with senior specialty technology titles, 90 doctoral supervisors, 145 supervisors of master students, 231 of them are also the members of the sport organizations both at home and abroad; There are 15,000 enrolled students; 6 programs for doctor degree, 10 programs for master degree, 12 specialties for undergraduate students, 1 post-octorate research institution with 4 specialties; 3 national-level specialty construction projects, 3 Beijing City specialty construction projects; 4 state-offered key disciplines, 12 provincial or ministerial level key disciplines, 2 provincial or ministerial level excellent key disciplines, 4 provincial or ministerial level key laboratories, 1 national researching and teaching demonstration center, 2 Beijing higher education researching and teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial or ministerial level key research base for human social science. Beijing Sport University continuously gives due attention to international cooperation and exchanges, which has currently established friendly cooperative relations and intercollegiate relations with over 50 universities and international sports organizations in 30 countries and regions in the world. More than 80 foreign specialists (long-term and short-term) are invited to BSU every year. The number of the long term international students reaches 500 people respectively from more than 80 countries and regions.

BSU will carefully implement the strategy of Developing the Country through Science and Education, give full play to advantages and devote itself to the construction of world class sport university.