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Guidance about postgraduate entrance examination in Beijing University of Technology

Today, we mainly introduce the postgraduate entrance examination in the direction of Applied Economics of Beijing University of Technology. It mainly consists of four directions: finance, quantitative economics, industrial economics and Resource Environment and Recycling Economy. There are many tutors, and the number of students enrolled is 7.

There are many universities in economics in Beijing. Beijing University of Technology, as the economic direction of engineering, changed to the application-examination system last year. The process forms include: submitting materials, basic scientific research assessment and foreign language assessment, re-examination (professional foreign language, Professional basic knowledge, professional comprehensive knowledge), and admission.

If you apply in a direction similar to this one, you can consider the School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Technology. In previous years, students were enrolled in the form of examination system, and in 2021, the application system was reformed for the first time. Regarding the submission of materials, the doctoral research program needs everyone's attention.

Beijing University of Technology is fair, and the basic audit results of scientific research will be published directly on the Internet, so students need to improve their scientific research level. In previous years, the examination system enrollment will provide an examination outline, so students preparing for the exam can refer to the situation in previous years to review professional courses, involving microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometric analysis.