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The university provides a self-catering student dormitory (also known asInternationalStudentCenter) for all international students, which locates just opposite to the university’s west entrance. We do our best to offer you a tidy, safe and convenient living environment. 

The dormitory has 88 twin rooms accommodating 176 students. Every room is equipped with two wardrobes, two beds, a TV, internet sockets, a telephone and an air-conditioner, etc. Among the 88 rooms, 28 rooms are also equipped with a private toilet and shower. 

In the public sections of the dormitory, you will find a computer room (all computers are connected with internet), a reading room, a multifunction room and a gym. Laundry service is provided on the first floor (or ground floor). On each floor there are public toilets and 24 hours showers. Shared kitchen is available from the second to the sixth floor. Paid phone and fax service is available at the 24/7 reception.

Type of Rooms


Room Rates

Double Standard Room TypeA

(Twin beds)

Room Type A is equipped with a telephone, a TV, an air-conditioner, a wardrobe and a desk. A shared toilet, shower, kitchen is provided on each floor.



Double Standard Room TypeB

(Twin beds)

Room Type B is equipped with a telephone, a TV, an air-conditioner, a wardrobe and a desk and a private toilet and shower. A shared kitchen is provided on each floor.



1、Reservation for a whole room(single room) opens one month after each semester starts.
2、Reservation will be cancelled 3 days after the check-in date.
3、Discount is available to residents staying longer than 122 consecutive days.