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Customs, Health Examination and Visa

Customs, Health Examination and Visa


According to China Customs’ Entry and Exit Baggage Regulations to Non-resident Students, luggage-taken should based on personal use and is limited to living necessaries. After customs examination, foreign students who carry items valuing less than RMB 500 for reasonable personal use will be exempt from customs duties. Big items valuing over RMB1, 000 for reasonable personal use will be done clearance with the customs duty.

For the first entry, any student without big items will be given customs clearance. With the Luggage Declaration Form sealed by Customs during entry, passport, Resident Permit and studying certificate, student carrying big items should, within a month after getting the Resident Permit, go to the Beijing Customs to fill in the Application Form for Duty-free Personal Use Goods for clearance. The application will take 10 working days to be approved. 'Customs seal' obtained at the customs are not allowed to be removed without permission. When doing baggage inspection and clearance formalities at Customs, students need to show the proof of identity and the ‘customs seal’. Please keep ‘customs seal’ properly as no make-up will be given for loss. Items passed Customs should not be transferred to any organization or individual in China.



According to the request of the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, foreign students who attend our School for 6 months or more need to conduct medical check-up. With cost around RMB400, the examination requires empty stomach and usually takes 3-5 days to receive the result. Having passed the physical check-up, you will receive a Health Certificate. If you are examined in your home country, the exam must take place in a public hospital within 6 months before coming to China. The check-up form must be the same as is used in China (obtained from the University or Chinese Embassy) and contain your photo bearing the hospital's official stamp. With the original laboratory test reports attached, the conclusion part should contain the doctor's signature. After your arrival in China these health records must be confirmed at the aforesaid agency. After your physical check-up results are reviewed and passed, you will receive a Health Certificate. Otherwise, you must take the examination once again at a Beijing hospital or at the aforesaid agency.

Beijing Health Quarantine Bureau:

Address: Hygiene and healthcare Center for International Travel, No. 10 Dezheng RoadHaidian District, Beijing

Tel: (86-10)82403675



       1. The Chinese government issues different visas to foreigners wishing to enter China according to their stated purposes of visit. The visas are marked Chinese phonetic letters of D, Z, X, F, L, G or C; those for foreign students are marked X or F.

       2. Foreigners coming to China to study 6 months or more should apply for an X-visa. The application form should be submitted together with the Admission Notice and the Visa Application form (JW201 or 202 Form) issued by the university. Students who apply for F visa need also to have the admission materials.

       3. Foreigners who hold X-visas should apply for their Residence Permit at the local Public Security Bureau within 30 days after they enter into China. The procedures are as follows:

l  Get your passport and visa checked

l  Fill out the Application Form for Residence in China. After being checked by the school, the information will be entered to the Visa Application System of the Public Security Organ. An application form with bar code will be printed out and attached with the seal.

l  Bring the Application Form for Residence in China, Admission Notice, JW201 or JW202 Form, Health Certificate, Temporary Residence Certificate and two current passport photos (two-inch with white background) to the Exit & Entry Administration Office of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

       4. If there is any change in your residence permit such as the address, school information etc, you should go to the Public Security Organs as soon as possible for the changing formalities.

       5. Students with F-visa need to apply for a re-entry visa at the Public Security Bureau at least 10 days before departure to re-enter China (including trips to Hong Kong and Macao) during their studies. To apply for the visa, students need hand in the visa application form with seals from the school, passports and on-campus or off-campus temporary residence certificates.

       6. The F-visa is valid for 3 to 6 months from your date of entry. By using the Visa Extension Application Form which has affixed with the school seal, students should go to the public security organs for extension 10 days before its expiry. F-visa can be renewed several times but the total time staying in China should not exceed one year.