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Student Comments



Coming to China and study at University of International Business and Economics was the most wonderful decision  i have ever made in my life. From the very first day i feel it was an overwhelmingly, friendly environment. >> Read more



 When I landed and saw the smile of my SICAS service officers, all questions were all gone. I saw a young guy and a girl holding a board writing my name and the name of my university on. They guided me to the University of International Business and Economics. Because it was night when I arrived, we went to the campus directly. The campus was in good conditions. There were an air conditioner, a color TV, a telephone, a bathroom, and so on. >> Read more



My name is Arafo and I’m from Tanzania. I came here on March 10th, 2014 to get the bachelor`s degree in Business from University of International Business and Economics in China. >> Read more