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School of Information Technology

In view of globalization and intense competition, UIBE absorbs the essence of economics, management and information technology and has built the School of Information Technology (SITM) into a multi-disciplinary school.

After 10 years of development, SITM has become a distinguished and competitive school. SITM graduates make great contributions to technology-intensive industries such as e-business, finance and information management.

SITM has an excellent faculty, an outstanding research centre and a well-equipped labs. The School excels in modern hospitality, finance, E-commerce and information management.

SITM was established in a new era characterized by growing economic globalization and national economic informatization. SITM’s strengths lie in combining teaching with practice and offering multidisciplinary curriculum. The school is dedicated to establishing and perfecting the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, making contributions to China’s economic development.

In order to adapt to the growing economic globalization and the greater application of information technology and the Internet, the school puts a strong emphasis on the construction of E-commerce discipline.

The School aims to create its distinctive specialties, with information technology closely related to economic management practice, fostering high-quality intellectuals with strong practical ability, creativity and cross-cultural communication ability.
SITM incorporates economics, management and information technology, combines teaching and practice and nourishes a cross-cultural awareness. The School improves teaching by doing scientific research and social service.

Key discipline in Beijing: Industrial Economics

Excellent Faculty: The teaching faculty of business information management courses is organized by the SITM, with lecturers specializing in information management and information system, E-commerce and Internet marketing, a distinguished team to carry out such series of interactive courses.

Experimental teaching demonstration centre in Beijing: Experimental teaching centre for intellectuals of modern service industry
Public business information base of the state ministry of commerce: Information acquisition centre of Chinese and Foreign economic cooperation websites.

At present the school has 3 departments, 6 research sections and 4 training levels:

1.Undergraduate level---two undergraduate specialties: information management and information system, E-commerce; and E-commerce of overseas students (Internet marketing)

2.Postgraduate level---industrial economics (E-commerce, Modern Service, Information Management, and Supply Chain Management)

3.Doctoral Postgraduate level---industrial economics (E-commerce, and Internet Finance), Business Management (information management0

4.International Courses--- Business and Engineering, providing international talents and paving the way for students who want to study abroad

The SITM has already formed its own unique feature, mainly in the intellectual training:

•Multi-disciplinary integration: Modern compound specialties

•Practical Requirement: Comprehensive practice of the courses, in the society and during graduation

•International Characteristic: Launching cross-cultural activities by new technological methods

•Social Service: Organizing extensive social service, providing research service for the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology Ministry and other enterprises in Beijing.

Join SITM, broaden your horizon, and create your prosperous career in China and internationally.