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School of Banking and Finance

The School of Banking and Finance (SBF) is one of the leading schools in China, and enjoys a very high international reputation. It has particular strengths in the fields of money and banking, financial economics, international finance, and financial engineering. The school not only includes a highly specialized faculty with both expertise and a passion for teaching, but also maintains a global perspective in its course offerings, added to which, close relationships with China’s financial industry.

Currently, SBF has over 58 teachers, with 49 of them being faculty members, 4 of whom experts in their fields and who enjoy a government special allowance. Professors and associate professors account for approximately 62% of the whole faculty, with more than 55% having doctoral degrees. A number of SBF's senior professors are experts in their field of study, and a large number of associate and assistant professors with up-to-date knowledge, skills, and foreign educational backgrounds. SBF has also invited a group of famous experts in both financial academics and industry, such as Ronald McKinnon, Liu Hongru and Li Yang, as visiting professors.

At present, about 1500 students are studying at SBF, among which 1000 are undergraduates, 200 graduates, and 50 doctoral graduates. There are 100 international students pursuing either bachelor or master degrees at SBF. The school also has roughly 300 part-time graduate students who major in finance.

The mission of SBF is to be a world-class school of banking and finance; contributing academic knowledge that can fuel the revival of the Chinese economy, and to cultivate business leaders for China and the world. SBF offers the undergraduate, graduate and part-time graduate students the best education opportunities; providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed both in their lives and in their professions; helping them obtain the global vision and the ability to solve problems in the real business world and to make innovations.