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School of Law (UIBESOL)

The University of International Business and Economics Law School, is one of the first four higher education academies with doctoral programs. Founded in 1984, the UIBE Law School has undergone significant development as China has opened up to the world. At present, it has two doctoral programs (International Law and Civil Law), first-rate master programs, postdoctoral programs and a student body of over 1000.

For the past 20 years, the UIBE Law School has focused on law education of national and international standard. Undergraduate education emphasizes on law, the mastery of English as well as knowledge of international trade and transaction, while graduate and doctoral education place more emphasis upon research and social work.

The UIBE Law School has been proud of the performance of its graduates, many of whom now play active roles in promoting business and economic cooperation between China and other countries. The UIBE Law School welcomes more and more outstanding students to enhance its diversity, vigor, social concern, and academic ability of the student community.

International Law Program, majoring in Public International Law, Private International Law and International Economic Law, was established on Jan. 3, 1984, and was the first doctoral program of UIBE. It became one of the National Key Research Programs in 2002 with an educational emphasis on legal theories, international trade and mastery of English.