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School of Public Administration

The School of Humanities and Public Administration was founded in March 2001, with the combination of Department of Customs Administration, Department of Humanities, and the previous Department of Commodities Inspection and Quarantine. Professor Zheng Juntian is the Founding Dean of the School.

Departments and Research Institutes

The School has four departments with 3 specialties for undergraduates in public administration, Customs administration, and Chinese language and literature, 1 specialty for the second Bachelor's degree in Customs administration, and 1 specialty for Master candidates in public administration. In addition, the School has a Research Center for Customs Tariff.

The School is staffed with 60 full-time teaching faculty members, among whom there are 5 professors and 20 associate professors. At present, 6 of the faculty members have earned PhD degrees and 3 are in the PhD program.