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School of Humanities and Social Science

School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS) was founded in January 2006. As a new school founded on the basis of the former School of Humanities and Administration, it undertakes the important function of teaching, scientific research and social service in the overall performing structure of the University of International Business and Economics. The school pays attention to innovation and has obtained outstanding achievements in all aspects. Over time, the school has established four teaching units, namely Department of Political Science, Department of International Politics, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Department of History and Culture, as well as five research institutes, namely Center for International Affair and International Policy Studies, Center for Social Development and Social Policy Studies,  Center for Contemporary Chinese Political Development Studies, Center for Ideological Culture Studies and Center for Marxism and Contemporary Era Studies.

The faculty of the school is responsible for teaching political theory courses and general humanities courses to all undergraduates, postgraduates and Ph.D. candidates at the university, as well as teaching over 50 general foundation courses, specialty foundation courses and elective courses to all students at the university.

International Political Theory has been listed among the majors that will be emphasized in the university’s eleventh “Five-year Plan”. Under the guide of this new strategy and with a view to China's economic expansion, and social development, SHSS applies itself to anticipate major trends and prepares its students for the realities China's development and position within the international community; maintaining SHSS as one of China's top-ranking International Politics major.

With the booming of China's economy and the gradual deepening of China participating in international political and economic affairs, the school focuses on cultivating versatile and knowledgeable students proficient in both international political theory and an understanding of global economic. The school follows the University's teaching guidelines and pays close attention to the cultivation of students’, spirit of creativity, independent thinking, and practical abilities when teaching specialized fields of knowledge. According to the guideline of “Inviting in and Going out”, the school creates a dense learning atmosphere, encouraging teaching and innovative scientific research to create the best conditions for the students’ growth. The school always insists on equipping students with a "toolbag" of knowledge and for their future career and life. The slogan that “I am proud of the school today, the school will be proud of me tomorrow” has become the motto of all the students and teachers in the school.

The highly qualified faculty, most holding foreign degrees, have been engaged in teaching and their respective fields of research of international politics and economics for a long time. There are 30 faculty members, including 6 professors and 8 associate professors, over 70% of which hold doctoral degrees. All of the faculty graduated from famous universities in China, such as Peking University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Nankai University, China Foreign Affairs University, and others, most having studied or taught abroad. Every teacher has his own definite academic specialty and is familiar with advanced scientific research and teaching measures and techniques. The school has an abundance of learning resources, and state-of-the-art teaching facilities, creating an ideal setting for students to pursue excellence throughout their academic careers.

To further expand students’ horizons and reinforce research in specialty areas, the school has a philosophy of pursuing open teaching methods and is active in inviting numerous domestic and foreign experts and scholars reputable in their field of international politics to act as visiting professors Examples are, Professor Yu Keping, the deputy director of the Compilation and Translation Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and a well-known figure in politics; Professor Jin Canrong, from Renmin University of China, an expert on the USA ; Professor Shi Yinhong, expert of international relations; Professor Jerald A McBeath, expert on international affairs from the University of Alaska; Professor Yong-duck Jung, dean of the Korean Administration Research Institute and a highly reputed expert on politics and administration. These, and many other experts reinforce our teaching and scientific research strength.

With the continued integration of China within the realm of international politics and the world economy, regions and enterprises need more and more talented people who can both grasp the intricacies and subtleties of politics, as well as grasp the fundamental attributes of economic theories and their practical application to the running of a modern state. The students currently enrolled at SHSS learn to grasp the theoretical knowledge required for analyzing international political and economic issues both scientifically and empirically. A solid background for engaging in diplomatic and political management job in foreign representative offices and institutions dealing with foreign affairs. These students can engage in theoretical research, situation analysis, countermeasure consultation, news report, etc. of world politics and international issues in the Party and government organizations, press unit, colleges, scientific research institute, large state-owned enterprises and multinational enterprises.
According to the actual situation of every student and his willing, the school will provide every student with personal career layout. Students must study public foundation courses, specialty foundation courses and specialty-oriented courses. To further expand future career space and reinforce development strength, the school requires students to select minor courses mainly depending on the traditional advantageous subjects of UIBE, such as economy, finance, law and administration.

According to the standard of “wide caliber, solid base, powerful ability and high quality”, we try to enable our students to have worldwide vision, solid specialty theoretical knowledge, hardheaded practical ability and good cross- cultural communication skill. They will adapt to the changing world and become internationalized talented people that can affect and participate in important decision.

The school always pays attention to scientific research and has obtained outstanding achievement. Under the overall layout of the school, every teacher has his definite academic orientation and research field.

In recent years, our teachers have obtained abundant achievements on scientific research. They have published over 200 high quality scientific research dissertations on various academic publications and 15 monographs, among which a lot of dissertations are reprinted by state authoritative academic publications and are widely cited and indexed. There are totally over 10 scientific research subjects in the school, including 1 overseas subject, 3 provincial/ ministerial level subjects and 6 school-level subjects. Besides, teachers in the school also undertake 22 teaching research subjects inside and outside the university, including 2 concerning teaching material, 9 concerning general courses, 7 concerning experimental courses, 1 concerning elaborate teaching material, 1 concerning postgraduate teaching research and 2 concerning postgraduate general courses. Abundant scientific research achievements not only win good social reputation for the school but also set up solid foundation for specialty development.

Teachers’ achievements on subjects and academic research are also recognized by society and counterparts, and some subject leaders hold posts in domestic teaching organizations and academic organizations. Professor Dai Changzheng is the standing director of National Polity Science Institute, associate professor Liang Kaiyin is director of National Colleges International Politics Research Institute, professor Wang Zhimin is general-secretary of Beijing International Politics Teaching Research Institute, associate professor Le Ping is director of Beijing Colleges Philosophy Teaching Research Institute and associate professor Liu Jianping is director of Beijing Chinese Revolution History Teaching Research Institute. Broad seminars for teaching and academic communication activities extend the social impact of our school and the university and make our subject construction always leading in subject research.

The school expands abroad academic communication space actively and pays more attention to establishing broad academic communication with foreign relevant academic institutes. The school has established close cooperation relationship with Renmin University of China, Compilation and Translation Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, American Society for Public Administration, Duke University, University of Alaska, Seoul National University, etc. We invite famous professors of famous domestic and foreign colleges periodically to give lectures in our school or hold international academic conference, which promotes the development of the teaching and scientific research of our school greatly.