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About SDJU

SDJU’s spirit of application-oriented exploration has fueled a number of technological advances. A major breakthrough in 2018 was the creation of a giant crankshaft employed in the low-speed diesel engine for driving a marine vessel. This particular variety of crankshaft was shaped, machined and heat-treated in a completely new process supported by our industry partner, which in effect greatly reduces the cost and may hence prove to be a core competence especially for a profitable domestic market.
Current research and education areas include smart wind power, optimal design and special motors, and intelligent drive & control and modern electrical equipment; intelligent digital manufacturing, large-scale intelligent manufacturing equipment, and robotic systems; manufacturing processes and heavy & complex forgings, material organization and performance control, and new materials and applications; equipment software and Big Data analysis, smart wireless applications, and vision technologies; optimization and quality improvement, product/service systems, and logistics planning and management; value chain finance, equipment manufacturing industry, organizational behaviour, and innovation and internationalization.
SDJU’s impact also includes our global engagement. SDJU has worked with more than 60 higher-education organizations and institutions across the globe to push the limits of cultural exchange and knowledge sharing. One way we make a difference on the international stage is by starting overseas innovation centres that attract investment and high-end talent. Among other global involvement, these overseas centres provide an opportunity for an outburst of international programs or projects for the SDJU community and beyond.