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Why Study in SDJU

The university is a modern public university under the supervision of Shanghai Education Commission. Be strong in applied sciences as it may, SDJU is organized into ten Schools (electrical engineering; mechanical engineering; electronic and information engineering; business; foreign languages; materials science; art and design; Marxism; literature and science; and physical education), three Colleges (for product intelligence, continuing education, and advanced vocational technology, respectively), and one independent Institute (collaborative with Shanghai Electric). It has more than 1100 faculty members, some 12,900 full-time postgraduate, undergraduate and postsecondary students, and more than 1,800 adult education students.

As its founding in the 1950s, SDJU was an educational innovation, a community of hands-on problem solvers in love with practice-oriented theories and eager to contribute to efficient manipulation and manufacturing in the motor (‘Dianji’ in Chinese) industry. Today that spirit still guides how we educate students on campus and how we collaborate with local government, enterprises and research institutes to make SDJU teaching beneficial to them.