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About HBUT

Throughout its longstanding course of operation, HBUT has developed the motto and spirit of “the cultivation of virtue, expansion of knowledge, pursuit of truth, and stimulation of innovation” and the standard of “student-oriented, teacher first, free development and global vision” as well as the educational philosophy is to build a modern university with quality, talents, technology, opening-up and rule of law, improving the conception of management as “principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, professor governing teaching, democratic administration”. On the basis of “located in Hubei and serve the industry”, HBUT aims to foster high-qualified applied professionals who possess innovative and entrepreneurial competence as well as practical skills, and proactively strengthens the innovative “721” professionals education reform, the quality of education continuously improving and the social impact continually extending.

  In recent years, HBUT students have achieved outstanding accomplishments in a variety of national competitions, and have made a number of breakthroughs as well. HBUT students have won more than 2,100 national awards covering all sorts of subjects over the past 5 years; more than 60 national awards in various scientific, technological and cultural competitions, of which over 20 are first prizes.