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 International Student Apartments provide on-campus accommodation for all international students of HBUT.The apartments are equipped with free internet,air conditioners, water heaters,refrigerators and other facilities.Students have access to a public kitchen and laundry.

 According to the law and the relevant policy,the International Student Apartments are only able to host foreign students who are registered at HBUT.Neither relatives nor friends of students nor other persons are allowed to live in the apartments.Students living in the apartments should comply with administrative regulations.For instance,lighting fires,including using candles is strictly prohibited in the rooms;students are not allowed to host other people overnight in the rooms,etc.

 Students are not allowed to change rooms without permission.If there is need, students can raise the demand a week in advance,and the apartment manager will arrange for the change if the housing situation makes it practical.

Accommodation For Master:

RMB6000/Person/Year(Small Single Room)

RMB6000/Person/Year(Double Room)

RMB4000/Person/Year(Triple Room)

Accommodation For Doctor:

RMB10000/Person/Year(Single Room)

RMB6000/Person/Year(Double Room)

Accommodation Pictures