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About JSNU

The university was one of the first universities to open up to the outside world, establishing friendly relationships with over 58 universities in UK, USA, Australia, Russia and other countries. International students from over 26 countries have come to JSNU for further education. JSNU has established Confucius Institutes with two universities in USA and Australia. Our Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College has been awarded Global Outstanding Confucius Institute.

The university is deeply committed topromoting educational and teaching reform in order to improve the quality of instruction.The number of JSNU’s full-time teacher totals 1,469. It has 269 professors (48doctoral supervisors) and 582 associate professors. Teachers, who hold PhDs,account for 50.6% of the faculty and those who have studied overseas, account for 37.6%. JSNU pays careful attention to discipline construction and scientific research. The university has 6 provincial predominant disciplines and 12 provincial key disciplines. Its Chemistry Discipline ranks steadily Top1% on ESI.