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Two New Added Undergraduate Programs to GMU Pediatrics and Midwifery

Recently, Education Department of Guangxi forwarded the document of Ministry of Education of the PRC, Announcement of Publicizing the Filing and Approval Results of Undergraduate Programs of Colleges and Universities of 2017 (No.4 [2018], Higher Education), confirming that two undergraduate programs, Pediatrics (5-year duration, conferring Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine) and Midwifery (4-year duration, conferring Bachelor’s Degree of Science), were added to admission programs of Guilin Medical University.
The approval of the two new undergraduates programs further optimizes GMU’s professional structure layout, and form a professional disciplinary cluster with medicine as the main body with the interpenetrated and coordinated development of multi-disciplines, such as medical science, medical science management and other disciplines, which lays a solid foundation for GMU’s “Renaming to university” and “constructing doctoral programs”. Next, GMU will confirm its objectives of talent cultivation and key points of construction of the two new added programs, optimize the talent cultivation plan, stress the connotative construction of the programs and effectively ensure the quality of talents in light of university-running orientation, professional characteristics and service orientation.
So far, GMU has initiated the application of new added programs of 2018.