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Why Study in GMU

Environmental Education

Wisdom Campus

Campus video monitoring system and examination monitoring system on campus 110 Intelligent Command Center

Teaching Highlight

Ministry of education evaluation, clinical medicine specialty certification, clinical skills competition and professional physical examination pass rate.

Lots of Affiliated Hospitals

There is one immediate affiliated hospital, 4 non-immediate affiliated hospitals,22 teaching hospitals and 88 teaching and practice bases.

At present, the university has 2 full-time specialties of postgraduate level, including Clinical Medicine and Basic Medicine.

It has 9 full-time specialties of undergraduate level, including Clinical Medicine, Medical Laboratory, Oral Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Nursing, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Preparation, and Marketing (medical-orientated);

Besides, it also provides adults with 6 specialties in vocational education, covering Medical Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Marketing and Medical Biotechnology. Also, there are 3 levels of corresponding education programs for adult, 3-year program, undergraduate program (bachelor degree of medicine) for high school graduates, and undergraduate program for the associates, whose specialties cover Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Clinical Laboratory, Stomatology, etc.. 

Interactive Foreign Exchange and Co-operation 

Have foreign students from USA, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and so on. After more than seventy years of construction and development, the scale of the university has consistently been enhanced and elevated with each passing year. In turn, the university is getting stronger and at the same time, the teaching quality is being improved steadily. 

Furthermore, the university has been cultivating increasing numbers of practical medical talents. Over the recent three years, the proportion of undergraduate students taking up a medical-related occupation has retained over 93 %, making positive contributions to the medical care and to the health service of Guangxi, the country and the world as well. 
Definitely, the fame and reputation of the university is being increased year after year. Therefore, the university is becoming more widely accepted by the society, and it gradually paves its own unique way to run a medical university at the accepted standards.