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Students Held Activities to Celebrate the 83rd Anniversary of the Founding of GMU

With the Yulan magnolias in bloom and the rain of early spring, series of activities with the theme of ‘Hand in Hand with Guilin Medical University in the Spring Breeze’ to commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the founding of GMU were held on Lingui Campus.

A celebration permeated with youngsters’ vigor is GMU’s students’ sincerest congratulations to their alma mater for its birthday. A blessing with abundant originality and infinite mind is GMU’s students’ gift with the deepest affection to their alma mater for its birthday. These activities consist of three parts: ‘Warm Blessing to GMU’, ‘Collecting Likes for Blessing’ and ‘Accelerating Flaming on Site’. The activities collected nearly 1,000 blessings from students to the university and group photos of several hundred students with their alma mater, to which students made best wishes with their beautiful dances and sweet songs.

With their understanding of GMU’s historical culture and profound spiritual heritage deepened through these series of activities, GMU’s students will certainly inherit and promote the university motto “Hongde Shanyi” (Promotion of medical morals & Perfection of medical technology) and devoted their youth power to GMU’s development.

Source by: Youth League of GMU
Translated by: Zhang Yuming; Reviewed by: Yang Yujun,Qin Tao