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Guilin Medical University Second-round Entrance Examination for Postgraduate Admission in 2018 Completed

From March 30 to April 1, Guilin Medical University received more than 400 examinees for the second-round test for postgraduate studies from all over the country.


The second-round test for postgraduate studies is an important part of postgraduate admission examination and the core procedure to ensure the quality of the student source. College of Postgraduate Studies seriously put the superior documents into practice, enhanced the service  awareness and strove to make a clear and upright atmosphere for the exam. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the postgraduate admission, the university especially formed a postgraduate admission group led by Vice President Chen Xu, heads of Postgraduate College and the relevant administrative departments, persons in charge of the postgraduate education of all the secondary colleges and the relevant staff members to supervise every procedure of the second-round test to ensure its scientific norms, steadiness and orderliness, and equity and justice. Since March 30, teachers of the working group and students of the Postgraduate Association started the work carefully but orderly. The examinees checked in orderly under the guidance of the working staff. Head of Postgraduate College arrived at the site to inspected and supervise the written test and interview of the reexamination.


Up to the afternoon of April 1, with the qualification examination, physical check-up, English test, professional written tests and integrated interviews completed, the postgraduate admission of 2018 of GMU had draw to a close satisfactorily.