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Guilin Medical University Holds Opening Ceremony for International Freshmen of 2017

On the morning of March 19, the opening ceremony for international freshmen of 2017 was held in the Multi-functional Lecture Hall of the Science and Teaching Building on Dongcheng Campus. Vice President Sun Li and heads from the relevant departments attended the ceremony.
At the ceremony, Sun Li introduced GMU’s history and its running philosophy in her speech, and raised three requests for the freshmen, namely ‘acceptance, study and life’. BoharaSantosh Prasad, the representative of the international students at the university spoke on behalf of the senior students, in which he gave precious suggestions to the freshmen based on his study experiences; SothSombo from Cambodia spoke on behalf of the freshmen and he expressed the their strong wills  to study hard. Leaders attending the ceremony awarded prizes to the scholarship winners for their excellent performances and the civilized dormitory winners in the school year from 2016 to 2017.

BoharaSantosh Prasad led all the freshmen to take the Hippocratic Oath. Then the opening ceremony draws to an end smoothly.