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Guilin Medical University Holds 2nd Session of 6th Teachers’ Representative Conference

On the morning of March 29, Guilin Medical University held the 2nd session of the 6th teachers’ representative conference at the Multifunctional Lecture Hall on Dongcheng Campus. The university leaders, Zhang Zhiyong, Qi Junbin, Sun Li, Chen Xu, Xin Mao, the formal representatives, specially invited representatives and the non-voting delegates of the 6th teachers’ representative conference attended the session. Vice President Xin Mao hosted the meeting.


The conference opened in the sound of the National Anthem of the PRC. President Zhang Zhiyong delivered a administrative report with the title of “Let’s Concentrate Minds and Power on Construction for Conquering Difficulties and Continue Advancing with Efforts for New Breakthroughs”, which comprehensively summarized and reviewed the university’s work in 2017 and objectively analyzes the major current problems in the aspects of “steadily promoting educational and teaching reform and endeavoring to improve the qualities of talent cultivation”, “deeply promoting the cause of the university with ‘constructing doctoral programs’ and ‘renaming to university’ as the core”, “enhancing the administration to produce effects and serve the university’s construction by normalized and precise management’, etc.


On the prospect of the university administration in 2018, Zhang Zhiyong pointed out that the overall requests of the university administration in 2018 are: comprehensively carry out the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, and take Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era as the guideline, to construct and improve the “three all-round” education system (all staff participating in educatation, all-round of education, and the whole process of education ), complete the basic tasks of moral education for talent cultivation; concentrating on the goal of “constructing doctoral programs” and “renaming to university ”, advance all of the university’s causes as a whole, optimize the disciplinary layout, improve the quality of talent cultivation and education efficacy and realize the development of innovation, coordination, energy saving, environmental protection, openness and sharing and the upgrading of the university’s kernel competitiveness and comprehensive strength. Focus efforts in the following work must be made: firstly, comprehensively complete the task of moral education for talent cultivation, and deepen the educational and teaching reform to improve the effectiveness of education; secondly, the task of “constructing doctoral programs” and “renaming to university” needs to be constantly focused on and the connotation construction should be enhanced for a new breakthrough; and thirdly, the integrated reform must be deeply carried out and the modernization of management system and management abilities needs to be accelerated.


The session reviewed and discussed the university’s administrative reports, financial reports and the name list of the candidates for members of the executive board of the 6th teachers’ representative conference by groups. The representatives actively offered ideas and suggestions for the reform and development of GMU in the group discussions. All the proposals were passed at the session.


Deputy Secretary Qi Junbin of GMU CPC Committee made a summary statement, requesting all the faculty and staff should carefully study and bring the spirits of this session into practice, make great efforts in completing the tasks with a same aspiration,work hard with concerted efforts in a pragmatic manner and make great concerted efforts in practical actions and synchronizing developments. Qi Junbin hoped all faculty and staff of GMU would unify all our thoughts for the construction causes, focus all the energy on practical deeds, make all the efforts in ensuring practical effects, forge ahead, strive to behave, and make greater progress.