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Introduction to Guangdong University of Education

History and Address

Guangdong University of Education (GDUE) was formerly known as the Guangdong Institute of Education. We were founded in 1955. Accredited by the Ministry of Education of China in March 2010, GDUE has since been changed into a regional undergraduate institution for multi-disciplinary studies. Located in downtown Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, GDUE has expanded considerably in recent years becoming the most flourishing centre for education studies in Southern China. There are now two campuses located in Haizhu District (351 Xingzhang Zhong Road) and in Huadu District (30 Yingbin Avenue West). 

Mission and Values 
The mission of GDUE is to foster the development and reform of basic education as Our motto is for students to, “Develop personal ethics as well as teaching skills. Become a model teacher.” We advocate valuing both science and democracy and seeking to integrate humanities with an understanding and appreciation of nature. With the excellent school heritage of “pursuing the truth, concerning people’s well-being and undertaking social responsibilities”, each student at GDUE is encouraged to be not only “a person of noble character who makes the world a better place” but also to be professionals possessing a range of competences, knowledge and skills.

GDUE consists of 16 faculties and 12 research centres. Key faculties include Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Political Science and Law, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physical Education, Fine Arts and Music. GDUE offers 22 Major options leading towards Bachelor Degree awards and 28 subjects leading towards Diploma. We also offer highly competitive vocational qualifications. These courses range across 7 disciplines, including education and social science, literature, natural science, engineering, law, management and arts. By the end of 2012, the total number of students registered with GDUE amounted to 8,362. Among these 5,953 students are following Degree-level courses whilst another 2,374 follow Diploma level courses.

Staff and Researchers
GDUE has enjoyed a growing national reputation for a number of years, particularly for the quality of its staff and research. Many of the academic staff in the GDUE are leading researchers and experts in their field. The number of teaching staff has risen to 618, among which there are 393 full-time lecturers comprising 59 professors, 131 associate professors and 91 doctorate degree holders. Several of the staff have been awarded post-graduate degrees by international universities.

Leading Educational Research Centres 
Over the years, GDUE has developed research facilities and educational training links undertaking a wide range of national and provincial educational and teacher-training projects. Many of these have been in partnership with the Chinese government and a strong commitment to research has been developed and maintained. GDUE has two affiliated secondary schools for the purpose of teaching practices and demonstrations. There is a wide-ranging network consisting of 33 Master Headteacher Workshops, 45 Master Teacher’s Workshops, 95 Training Bases for Headteachers of Secondary and Elementary Schools, 371 Demonstration Schools for School-based Teacher’s Continuous Professional Development, 10 Experimental Districts and 205 Demonstration Schools for the Intel Future Education Programs.

International and Future Perspectives 
In response to increasing globalisation, GDUE has organised academic exchanges and cooperation with a number of overseas universities and educational institutions. GDUE has also established academic links with other prominent universities across China. Since 2004, GDUE (the then Guangdong Institute of Education) has received overseas students coming to study. The other way round, GDUE sees a growing number of its students to pursue top-up awards abroad (such as in the U.K.) each year ever since the BTEC, a Sino-British Joint Diploma Level Project was carried out in 2005.

GDUE plays an unique and important role in the education system across Guangdong Province. In addition, GDUE is exploiting every opportunity to develop and innovate itself and is committed to making itself a diversified and teaching-oriented university with expanding capacity, distinguished characteristics and high reputation around the educational world.