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Why Study in GDEI

Predominant Geological Location

Guangdong University of Education is located in downtown Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou is the main manufacturing hub of the Pearl River Delta, one of mainland China's leading commercial and manufacturing regions. Guangzhou is also known as the host city for the China Import and Export Fair, also called "Canton Fair". By far Guangzhou has been twinned with 12 foreign cities, including Los Angeles in the US, Sydney in Australia and Bangkok in Thailand and so on. International students can experience the cultural integration of Guangzhou which has always been adhering to embracing the world with an open mind.

Advanced Teaching Philosophy

GDEI advocates valuing both science and democracy and seeking to integrate humanities with an understanding and appreciation of nature. With the excellent school heritage of “pursuing the truth, concerning people’s well-being and undertaking social responsibilities”, each student at GDUE is encouraged to be not only “a person of noble character who makes the world a better place” but also to be professionals possessing a range of competences, knowledge and skills.

Library of Large Scale

The present library building was built in 1983 with 4,500 square meters.

It offers 240 reading seats and the open hours of 72 per week. There are five stack rooms— Science, Literature, Social Science (with the foreign languages section), Education (with the reserved reference books section) and Old Editions—and reading rooms of back issues, periodicals and an electronic room.

The library houses 656,963 volumes of books, 65,672 volumes of bound periodicals in Chinese and other languages, 101,233 titles of electronic books and more than 20,000 CD-ROMs and it has subscribed more than 1000 newspapers and periodicals in Chinese and other languages.

The library has been growing with the era of information. We have purchased the Full-text Database of China Academic Journals Network issued by CNKI, more than 100,000 titles of electronic books and other on-line academic databases.

The electronic reading room with 40 seats offers readers convenience to take advantage of the digital resources. The advanced IT facilities of the library offers satisfying services to our readers.