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Accommodation: International students are free to choose to live in either international students’ apartment or Chinese students’ apartment. 

The international students’ apartment is in the middle of dormitory area and with a safe and beautiful environment around. Inside the apartment there was one double room, one single room, and one living room which  offer bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, sofa, TV, Telephone, internet access, air-conditioner, washing machine, water heater for shower, fridge, microwave oven, hearth, gas furnace hearth and other living facilities.  Students can choose the room style as they like and they can cook for themselves here. Dormitory fee: single room 900 RMB/month; double room 500 RMB/month per person. 

bed room (wardrobe,bed)

Living room(TV, Fridge,Telephone,Internet access)

Living room(desk,chair,sofa)

Water heater for shower

Washing machine

Kitchen(microwave oven,hearth,gas furnace hearth)

Learning desk