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About CAU

As one of only a few centennial national universities, China Nongye University, also known as China Agricultural University, was established during the Qing Dynasty as the Agriculture College of Jingshi Grand University (currently Peking University). It later merged with the Agriculture College of Tsinghua University and established a new campus as an independent university. Over the previous century the university has founded comprehensive disciplines in a broad variety of academic fields, which mainly include agriculture, engineering and technology, liberal arts and sciences, business, law and medicine.

Colleges in the university

College of Agronomy & Biotechnology
College of Animal Science & Technology
College of Biological Science
College of Engineering
College of Food Science & Nutritional Engineering
College of Information & Electrical Engineering
College of Resources & Environmental Sciences
College of Science
College of Veterinary Medicine
College of Water Conservancy & Civil Engineering
College of Humanities & Development
College of Economics & Management
International College of Business
College of Ideological and Political Education

China Agricultural University (CAU) has three campuses, two located in Beijing and one in Yantai City, Shandong province. CAU is ranked as 33rd out of more than 2,000 universities and colleges in China in 2010 ( There are 20,000 full time students in CAU, including 6,000 postgraduate students and 14,000 undergraduate students.

There are totally 67 undergraduate courses, 136 master courses and 71 doctoral courses in CAU. Subjects offered by CAU are agriculture, biological sciences, resources and environmental sciences, animal science and technology, veterinary medicine, food science and nutritional engineering, agricultural engineering and automation science, information and electrical engineering, water conservancy and civil engineering, economics and management, and humanities and development.

According to the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), CAU has four subjects ranked top 1% in the world. It includes agricultural science, plant science, animal science, and environmental and ecological sciences. According to the Ministry of Education China, CAU has six subjects ranked as No.1 in China, which are crop science, plant protection, utilization of agricultural resources, animal science, veterinary medicine and agricultural engineering. 

There are 4 Key State Laboratories located on CAU campus, including the State Laboratory of Agro technology, the State Laboratory of Plant Physiology & Biochemistry, the State Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and the State Laboratory of Poultry Breeding. There are 6 State Research Centres and 1 National Field Research Centre located on CAU campus. There are also 24 Ministerial Key laboratories, 3 Municipal Key laboratories and 4 Ministerial Field Research Centres located on CAU campus.

In 2008, as one of four universities among more than 50 universities in Beijing, CAU was supported by the Beijing Olympics Committee to build an Olympics Gymnasium on campus. The wrestling games of 2008 Olympics have been successfully held in CAU.