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International College Beijing

To bridge China’s higher education with western countries, a group of international colleges was established by various national universities in China in the 1990s. Founded in 1994, the Business School,International College Beijing at China Agricultural University was at the forefront of this trend. Students are recruited based on their results on the National College Entrance Exam and a university-administered test for English language proficiency. There are 1500 registered full time students at ICB with 1100 on the ICB home campus and 400 on foreign campuses at partner. Of the 70-member international faculty team, more than 50 are American or British nationals; all other members of the faculty have a background in international education.

In order to offer quality international education at a Chinese traditional university, the core curricula of undergraduate majors have been successfully introduced to ICB and embedded into China’s higher education system with its rich local academic, cultural and economic context. Covering business studies, economics, communication and Chinese studies, all undergraduate programs and courses are taught in English, and developed at international standards in terms of curriculum design, teaching methodology and quality control. Nationally, all ICB programs are approved by the Academic Qualification Office of China’s State Council and Ministry of Education. Internationally, the accreditations of ICB programs are awarded by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) in the United States, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the United Kingdom, and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) of the United Kingdom.

The last two decades have seen the most competitive graduates of ICB enter the international job market. ICB graduates are especially sought after by leading multinational corporations. The strong employability developed by the college is supported by the global awareness, multilingual skills and intercultural experiences of our graduates.

For its excellence in education innovation and development, ICB’s faculty has received three distinct awards from the Chinese government including a National Second Class Award given by the Ministry of Education in 2009, a Provincial First Class Award given by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2008, and a Provincial Second Class Award given by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2005. For its outstanding contribution to Sino-British education collaboration, ICB has been identified by the British Council as an Education Partnership University. Among the more than 60 universities in Beijing, ICB was selected to function as one of four permanent IELTS Test Centers.