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For Future Students


Students types


Bachelor & Associate degree

           Graduate of senior middle school

           Attending the United Admission Test for Hong Kong Macau Taiwan students, associate degree graduate can enroll the school without the test

           Healthy, no mental and communicable diseases

           Foreign students need attend HSK


           Bachelor or equivalent

           Two associate professors’ recommendation letters


           Master or equivalent

           Two associate professors’ recommendation letters


           Medical staff with some TCM theory and clinic skills

           Students of medical school


application materials

1. Filling in Hunan University of TCM Application Form for admission (download)

2. The latest certificate of schooling background, transcripts of academic records

3. A copy of the applicant’s identification card

4. A copy of the Taiwanese Certificate or Passport(for Taiwanese)

5. Certification of no crime

6. 20 pictures of 2-inch size, 10 pictures of 1-inch size (on a white background)

★ Registration time, site ,the content of the admission examination

1) All the foreign students need to attend the HSK TEST

2) The foreign students who pursue any degree of bachelor, master or doctor have to attend to the Entrance Exam of the university

3) Test time:

  ① HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test),check the arrangement notice of the State Chinese Language Test Center

  ② The Entrance Exam of the university is held before Registration

4) Registration and examination site: China Hunan University of TCM