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Introduction to HUCM

Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially founded in 1960,was developed from Hunan Chinese Medicine Specialization School established in 1934 and Hunan TCM Vocational School established in 1953. Now it’s a primarily teaching-oriented college concerning other areas in scientific research , medical service, school-leading industry , etc.

 The University is located in Changsha , the capital of Hunan province ,a famous culture city. With an attractive environment and fine scenery,the campus covers an area of 2854mu(about 1,902,600 square meters).

 The University consists of 3 parts: the old campus(north campus),the new campus(hanpu campus),and the six affiliated hospitals. The university is in control of 11 either colleges or institutes ,which are the College of Basic Science ,the College of Acupuncture and Massage , the College of combined Chinese and Western medicine, the College of  Pharmacy ,the First College of Clinical Medicine, the Second  College of  Clinical Medicine, the College of Culture, Information Technology and Management, the International Education Institute, the second-level college-XiangXing College, the College of Adult Education, Higher Vocational Technical College. The university has also the Graduate students Dept. ,the Social Science Dept., P.E. Dept.. In addition, there in the university are a TCM Diagnostics Research Institute, an Acupuncture Meridians and Collaterals Research Institute, a TCM-Western Medicine Integrated Institute, a Chinese Medicinal Herb Development Institute, a TCM Literature institute, an Internal Diseases Research institute of TCM, a Trauma Research Institute of TCM,  an Ophthalmology &. Otorhinolaryngology Institute of TCM, a TCM Diet Therapy Institute. Furthermore , the university has the National Liver Disease Center of TCM, the National Eyeground Disease Treatment Center of TCM,the National Dermatology Center of TCM, the Hunan Research Center of Ultramicro Technology of Chinese Medicinal herbs and the International Training Center of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. The university has its own Chinese Herbal Technology Development Group Company. There are 326 teaching departments, laboratories, research sections and medical service sections in general. The library houses over 897,000 books and over 1,500 kinds of periodicals and magazines, it also has  an electronic reading room and an information center in medicine.

 The university primarily cultivates undergraduates along with postgraduates, overseas students, and also adult students pursuing continuing education. With the authorization of the Hunan Provincial Education Dept., the university can issue bachelor degree, master degree, doctor degree. At present there are 38 doctoral advisers,199 master’s advisers, a postdoctoral circulating research station works in the university. 13 disciplines were authorized to confer PH.D, 16 disciplines were authorized to confer master degree. Now there’re about 10,000 students all together.

 The university has been authorized by the State Education Ministry to recruit foreign, overseas Chinese, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau students. It also opens the preparatory courses for the students of Hongkong ,Macau and Taiwan. As well the university runs both short-term and long-term training programs ,with the approval of the State TCM Administration Bureau, for the TCM learners from all over the world. Consigned by Hunan Provincial Public Health Dept., our university is the Clinical Skill Examining Base of China for the Overseas Medical Practitioner Qualification.