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Fess for BISU

(一)Long-term Students
  Application fee(half a year or above):CNY 800
 Program   Annual Tuition(CNY)    Opening Month
postgraduate program  25000     Every September
undergraduate program 22000   Every September
refresher program      18000  
advanced refresher program    25000  

(二)Short-term Students
  Application fee(under half a year):CNY 400 
Program Tuition(CNY) Openning Month
4 Weeks 3000 Every July and August
3 Weeks 2500  
2 Weeks 2000  
1 Weeks 1000  

Tuition for Chinese/English bilingual program: 5500 RMB per month, 15000 RMB per semester.
The tuition fee for special cultural studies will be subject to the contents of study 
Note: 1.The cost of learning materials is covered by the tuition. 
              2.Tour fee:depending on the routes and special requirements of the summer group.
              3.Tuition fees need to be paid at the beginning of a semester and can be  paid in installment. Please note that the valid period of your residence permit is directly connected with the amount of paid tuition fees.