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School of Textiles

Textile industry is a pollar industry in Henan Province and plays an important role in the economic development. The School of Textiles is the exclusive one in Henan Province that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the dicipline. At present, 750 students of different levels are studying at the school.

The school has a faculty of 25 teachers, including 11 professors & associate professors and 17 with master or doctoral degree. It lays great emphasis on both teaching and scientific research. In the past five years, teachers from the school have published 17 books and 186 academic papers, many of which have been collected in the journals of SCI, EI and ISTP.

Together with the Research Center of Textile Engineering and Technology of the institute, the school shares responsibility in the study and development of new technologies in textile industry. It contributes greatly to the application of these technologies to Henan’s textile industry.

The school offers study programs at 3 levels:

1. Postgraduate Programs in Textile Materials and Product Design:

The Structure and Properties of Textile Materials

New Techniques and Equipments of Textile Industry

New Textile Materials and Product Development

Research and Development of Technical Textile

2. Undergraduate Programs in Textile Engineering 081405

Modern Textile Technology

Textile Industry and Foreign Trade

Textile Materials and Textile Design

Knitting Techniques

Computer Technology in Textile Industry

Non-woven Textiles

Undergraduate Program in Light Industry and Chemical Engineering 081402

Dyeing and Treatment Engineering  

3. Two-year Program for Bachelor Degree:

Textile Engineering