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Why Study in CQUPT

1.Long History

Along with the birth of People\'s Republic of China and the liberation of Chongqing, the university was established in 1950. It was named Chongqing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications by the State Council in 1959 and after that it began undergraduate education. In 1965 it became one of the 10 colleges and universities that were entitled to have postgraduate programmes in Sichuan Province (Chongqing separated itself from Sichuan as a Municipality in 1997).

It was transferred from the Ministry of Information Industry to Chongqing Municipality in 2000 under the policy of university system reform, thus financed by the central government and the local government together, mainly by the Chongqing Municipal People.

2.New Development

CUPT commits itself to independent innovations and constant explorations, known as  the  birthplace of  digital communication in China. It owns a leading position in the R& D of Telecommunication network engineering and testing, next generation wideband wireless communication, computer networking and information security, intelligent information processing, industrial EPA and sensor networking, advance manufacturing, micro-electronics and specialized chip design and so on, and over 500 scientific projects in either state or provincial/ministry level have been assumed. National Technology Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award, and so forth were granted to CUPT.  The university is ranked among top 100  of China in terms of science and technology, acknowledged as the national model for IT innovation and Hi-tech industrialization.