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Love in Suda: Students celebrate Suda’s 110th Anniversary

On May 13, 2010, the east campus of Soochow University had a festive radiance—both Chinese and international students were heartily singing and dancing in front of the Lingyun Building; the itinerant pavilions representing 35 countries were dazzling and eye-catching around the fountain; enticing smells were wafting up from the foreign cuisine booths. The “Love in Suda: Chinese and International Students celebrate Suda’s 110th Anniversary” was inaugurated under the auspices School of Overseas Education, Wenzheng College, and School of Foreign Languages.

On both sides of the fountain stood the foreign culture exhibitions designed by 35 international students. These booths demonstrated, with vivid words and pictures, the geographical, historical, economic, cultural and folk conditions of 35 countries; some of them were even decorated with a wide variety of things from their own cultures—Malaysian coffee, Japanese sabot and paper folding, Indonesian masks, Swedish candlestick, Vietnamese dessert, Mexican wine, Indian costume, Lao musical instruments, Arabian sword, etc. The students dressed in their traditional costumes welcomed visitors, trying to answer their questions at the same time.

Among the spectators was Professor Zhang Xueguang, vice-president of SU, together with the heads of the schools involved. Prior to and in the middle of the show, Professor Zhang joined in the fun by delivering a passionate speech and giving a calligraphy performance.