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Visa and Residence

Visa and Residence

1. X visa (study visa) holders:

Holders with X visa, within 30 days of entry into China, must obtain residence permit. Any student illegally staying in China may be given a warning, and fined 500 RMB per day for the period of illegal stay. Please provide the following documents for the application of residence permit:
(1) Passport and its copies
(2) Health certificate.
(3)《 Registration from of temporary residence 》
Students who rent the local people's apartments shall first register in the foreign students office and then go to the nearest police office of the apartments to ask for it. The altering application is same as above .
(4) Application form of visa and residence permit , and a piece of recently-taken, full-faced photo(3*4cm).
(5) JW202 form and application letter by the school.

2. L visa (travelling visa) holders:

L visa holders please apply for JW202 form first and then process residence permit according to the study period.
F visa\Z visa (Visit\Work visa) holders
F visa holders are not necessary to apply for residence permit during the valid period. Students are allowed to extend visa or alter visa after approved by the foreign student office. Z visa holders' application of residence permit shall be done by the employer.


(1) Application fees for residence permit: 1 - less than 12 months 400RMB,
12-less than 36months 800RMB
(2)Holders of residence permit are allowed to have multiple entries into China and extend the validity after approved by the foreign student office.
(3) Holders with the reason of  study are not allowed to take up posts or employment.
(4) In case passport or residence permit is lost or damaged, student shall promptly report to the foreign student office and apply for a new one in the embassy with the help of the office.

Address of Exit and Entry Department, Suzhou Public Security Bureau:

2 nd floor, No 128,Sanxiang Road. Suzhou Administration Centre. Tel : 68661471