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Applied Technology College

Applied Technology College of Soochow University located in the best watery village of China with a 2-mile distance to the tourism area of the ancient town Zhouzhuang and 20miles to the Soohow University DSH campus. It is quite close to the Suzhou industrial district、Kunshan and Wujiang high-tech industrial development zone. With good environment, the campus reflects architecture of "bridge, running water, college". With fresh air and first-class facilities, it is such an ideal place for the students to study here.

The college was founded in December, 1997. After the restructuring in 2005, it became a bachelor level independent college which conducted by one of the“211 project” universities of the nation and a key comprehensive university of Jiangsu Province ——Soochow University.

Applied Technology College of Soochow University, currently, has 8 departments which are electromechanical engineering, Electronic Information, Fashion design, Tourism, Economic and trade, foreign languages, Accounting, Arts and so on. It has 28 undergraduate programs and professional emphasis. There are over 7200 students. Also, title of a senior professional post is around 60% of all the instructors who occupy the specialized courses at Soochow University.

The college has taken and developed the hundred year’s tradition of how running a school. It adheres to the sponsoring concept which takes ability as the unique feature, at the same time, college is students oriented and the students are ability oriented. Over ten years of reforms, innovations and struggles, the college has steadily formed a trade-supported, application -reinforced, education-opened and high-efficiency management running characteristics. The professional Teaching Supervisory Committee which is made up of hundred experts who come from all sectors of the community and universities has become an important support of running a school. The committee gives suggestions and strength in the aspects such as: set majors, recruit teachers, approve instructional plan, provide internship bases, guide students’ careers and recommend employment. While building “double qualification teacher” team and advocating “Double-certificate system” graduation, the school attaches great importance to the talents nurturing mode of “reinforcement theory, emphasis on utilization, reinforcement practice and put knowledge into practice. The college actively develops the international academic exchange, it has established cooperative relationships with colleges in U.S.A, US, Germany, Korea, and Japan. It provides the excellent students opportunities to go aboard and study for a double bachelor degree. The college based on the principle of bachelor level, and is energetically exploring and researching the postgraduate talents cultivation mode.

Under the relevant requirements of the state education ministry, students who pass the scores will be award with the "Applied Technology College of Soochow University Undergraduate Diploma", also, students who are qualified to the bachelor degree can be awarded by the Applied Technology College of Soochow University.

The college has been always relying on the strong faculty strength and backbone teachers, a flexible school organization, an excellent, efficiency, dedicated management team and an effective supervisor mode. As a result, it has cultivated a myriad practical talents. At other times, the school emphasize on enhancing the students’ general competence and training their skills. Over the past ten years, students has achieved more than 300 awards in national majors and skills competitions, which include of over 200 province-level awards in the contest "institute numerical control internship of Jiangsu province advanced engineering"and more than 20 national awards of the national students electronic design completion.

Besides, the college has been always paying attention to the enterprises and industries co operations, sticking to the aim of turning up the applied technology talents. On the basis of strengthening elementary theory education, the school not only highlights the cultivation of students’ practical ability and on-site processing capacity, but also makes a point of developing students’ integrated career competency and work ethics. At this result, the quality of the graduates gained the company’s esteem. What’s more, the employment rate has been exceeding 96% for 8 years which comes top among other colleges of Soochow University. Suzhou, as the model city of china outsourcing industry; Suzhou Industrial Park, as the fastest in the global development and best of the World Competitiveness development area;Suzhou High-tech area, as the first one to create the national innovative technology area, all of them provide a broad stage for the graduates. In 2006 and 2008, the college has been regarded as “the advanced unit of Soochow University on employment”.

In recent years, the college has been relying on strong economic strength and superior cultural geographic conditions of Southern Jiangsu, exploring effective ways to serve local economy and social development, educating high level and high quality applied technology talents who closely meet the social economic development rush, striving to be the first-class domestic independent college to make this hundred-year university create a new brilliant future in this a thousand years ancient town.