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With past Legacy and Present Momentum, We Are Embracing a Bright Future

2011 New Year Address of Soochow University
Dear Colleagues, students and friends,

As we ring in the New Year, we, on behalf of the university authority, would like to extend our seasonal greetings and best wishes to you, and to all the retirees and alumni at home and abroad. We would also like to thank leaders at different levels, the university board members and friends from all walks of life for their care and support for the development of the university.

The year 2010 is of special significance to the country, the university and every one of us. It witnessed the unprecedented Shanghai Expo and the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. It also saw our deep concern, prayers and aids for the drought-stricken Southwest and the quake-hit Yushu. In this year, the National Conference on Premier Human Resources and the National Education Conference were held, hence a widespread resounding message about strengthening the country through talents and giving top priority to education. Thanks to the support from higher Party or governmental organizations and individual personages, as well as the adherence to the “rational development mode”, we synchronized every aspect of our undertaking, completed the tasks as scheduled by the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, promoted educational quality and social progress and registered advance in general.

2010 also marked the 110th anniversary of our university. The faculty and students showed the world their enterprising and innovative spirits, thus promoting the university’s prestige and visibility. After repeated revisions within the past 18 months, the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and the Medium and Long-Term Reform and Development Plan (draft for examination) were finalized, heralding our refreshed efforts toward another round of reform and development.

In 2010, the university carried forward its talent strategy and introduced 91 high-level faculties, including 22 distinguished professors. Among them are one professor listed in the new Thousand People Plan, 8 selected in the Provincial High-Level Creative Talents Introduction Plan, and 4 Provincial Distinguished Professors. In addition, we furthered the reform of personnel system regarding cadre mobility by promoting scientific, democratic and institutionalized process of screening and appointment. We had 3 more undergraduate degree programs of national emerging strategic industries, 8 more graduate degree programs and 1 more National Advanced Course. Meanwhile, athletes from Soochow University won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the 16th Asian Games, and students representing our university won the second place in the "Challenge Cup" Student Business Plan Competition.

In 2010, the faculty got a total research fund of 150 million yuan, vertically granted or horizontally contracted. The University ranks the 25th on the latest SCI standing. It obtained over 200 natural and scientific programs, among which 185 were of national ones, ranking the 24th among all the universities nationwide and the 1st among the non-central government or ministry-sponsored institutions of higher learning. It won 8 awards at the provincial level and above, including 4 second prizes for Scientific Progress issued by the Ministry of Education. The Key Laboratory for Stem Cell and Biomedical Materials was approved as the Key National Laboratory Educational Base. The National Chemical Supply Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was inspected and accepted officially. 15 million of funding was invested into humanities and social sciences, covering 23 program of "National Social and Science funding", ranking the 1st among the non-central government or ministry-sponsored universities. Among them, 2 programs were rated as excellent and another 2 programs awarded the "Key Program of Research Base" by the Ministry of Education. Moreover, a series of landmark works in humanities and social sciences were published, reaping enthusiastic responses in the academic field. The 11th application for new degree programs is now moving smoothly, indicating a possible breakthrough.

In 2010, Shagang Iron and Steel School was established in cooperation with Jiangsu-based Shagang Group; Dongwu Business School was founded in collaboration with Dongwu Securities. Other newly launched programs and projects included Suzhou Low-Carbon Economy Research Centre, a joint program with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Neno Science and Technology Institute with the Suzhou Industrial Park, the Jiangsu Intellectual Property Training Base for Talents with Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office, and the Educational Training Centre of International Commercial City with Huaqiao Township, Kunshan. We also signed the Strategic Cooperative Framework Agreement with China Telecom and Bank of Communications and other cooperative agreements with overseas universities, including University of Leuven, Belgium, and College of Science, National University of Singapore. As a result, our ties with the local government, enterprises and other nations has been profoundly expanded.

In 2010, the development of the university was significantly motivated through the construction of an Ever-Learning Party Organizations and the launching of "Excellence and Sprint Activities". The opening of the campus museum was a cultural event, enriching campus life. All the proposals from the Teachers Congress and Staff Congress were responded to and dealt with, reflecting a concept of democratic management and supervision. Organized for the retired staff were diverse activities, showing their value, lifetime-learning, and pleasure. Faculty and students were happy to have the newly-built Yunxuan Building, student dormitories on the East Campus and canteens for the faculty. As every one feels, harmony permeates all the campuses.

The year 2011 ushers in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The 110-year history of the university, as we are fully aware, witnessed our predecessors'struggle and dedication in founding the university and enlightening the people, and their dream of seeking truths and rejuvenating China. Today, standing on the foundation laid by them with their lifetime endeavor, we must have a broader vision, a more open mind, more down-to-earth moves, and make sure that our undertaking should forge ahead. With past legacy and present momentum, we are trying to make possible a sound and rapid development of our undertaking, which would be the best tribute to the Party’s ninetieth anniversary.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Wang Zhuojun    Zhu Xiulin
    January 1st, 2011