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Nanjing Medical University Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Class of 2014

Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Class of 2014 was held in the stadium on Jiangning Campus of Nanjing Medical University (NJMU) at June 27th. University leaders including Chen Qi, Shen Hongbing, Zhou Yafu, Leng Mingxiang, Shi Jinlou, Zhang Zhufan, Wang Hong, Xia Youbing, Wang Ruixin, Lu Xiang, Li Jianqing and Fan Jian attended the ceremony. Directors of each school, representatives of teachers and parents as well as all the graduates of the Class of 2014 participated the ceremony which was chaired by the Vice President Wang Ruixin.

The ceremony started with the national anthem. On behalf of NJMU and the Academic Committee, President Shen Hongbing then extended his congratulation and offered the parting advice “Wearing smile and shouldering responsibility” to all the graduates. He then elaborated his advices that “Smile is inheritance and wishes; smile is understanding and gratitude; smile is attitude and power. Smile is the most colorful name card for youth while responsibility is the most powerful annotation for youth.” He hoped that all the students could wear their glamorous smile on the face and remember their heavy duties/responsibilities in their profession and life. He also expected the students to take the concrete steps and forge ahead determinately while pursuing their bright future.

Professor Kong Xiangqing gave his best wishes to the graduates. He hoped they all could have a glorious future with such wisdom as “Happiness, Integrity and Goodness”. Mr. Chen Jun, father of graduating student Chen Mengqi from the School of Public Health offered his blessing to all the graduates of the Class of 2014. He also expressed his gratitude to teachers of NMU for their mentorship for the students. Ms. Zhang Xiaolan, representative of undergraduate student from the School of Nursing extended her appreciation for the cultivation, and caring from NJMU and promised that all the students will burn their passions and fly their dreams with full energy, and they will create their miracles and bring glories back to NJMU. Mr. Sumedh, representative of foreign students and a Master of SIE recalled his student life in NJMU and thanked for teachers’ guidance. Dr. Jiang Min, representative of postgraduates from the School of Basic Medical Sciences expressed gratitude for the enlightenment of NJMU on her scientific career path and wished a splendid future for her Alma mater.

On behave of all the graduates, 20 students presented bouquets to the supervisors on the ceremony and university leaders who awarded diplomas to the students. Professor Shen Hongbing, President of the Academic Degrees Committee, Professor Wang Hong, Vice President and Professor Lu Xiang joined awarded Ph.D. degree certificates to the Class of 2014 postgraduates. University leaders also awarded Bachelors and Masters Degrees for the Class of 2014 undergraduates and joined the picture-taking moment with them.

Graduation ceremony was ended with that each school presented exquisite souvenirs to the Alma mater and wished a promising and glorious prospect for NJMU.