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MBBS in English Program
Registration fee:
CNY 500
Tuition: CNY 34000 per year
Accommodation fee: CNY 5000-8000 per person per year
Refundable deposit: CNY 4000

Note: In the first academic year we supply our students for free with:
3.hospitalization insurance
4. laboratory clothes
5. physical examination
6. residence permission for one year and
7. campus card (with 200 yuan in it, this card can be used to buy food,bath and borrow the books from University’s library.) , of which hospitalization insurance and textbooks will be provided free of charge during their 6-year stay in NMU.

Other Programs
Registration fee
: CNY 500
Tuition fee(CNY)

Short-term Program

CNY 5000 per month

Chinese Language Program

CNY 15000 per academic year

Undergraduate Program

CNY 34000 per academic yeaR

CNYBS in English Program

CNY 34000 per academic year

Masters Degree Program

CNY 50000 per academic year

Doctoral Degree Program

CNY 55000 per academic year