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Accommodation Facility

Single room with AC (for 2 persons)
2 Comfortable Beds, 2 Reading Tables,2 Chairs and 2 Cupboards
1 Telephone set
Internet facility (not computer)
Water Dispenser
Common TV room and Bathroom

Accommodation Fee

Student dormitory on campus is available (two-member rooms or three-member rooms) at the rate of 25 CNY per day.
Off-campus housing is also available.

MBBS in English Program
CNY 5000-8000 per person per year.
Refundable deposit: CNY 4000

Photos of Accommodation(click the pics to enlarge)


Double room



Single room


Accommodation building


Accommodation facilities



International students staying in china longer than six months are required to buy medical insurance at CNY 50 per month.

International Student's Apartments:

Both campuses have international students' apartments. Students can live on campus but they are also allowed to rent rooms outside campus.All apartments are equipped with air-conditioner, water heater, telephone, water dispenser, single bed, wardrobe, desk and network interface.

The international students' apartments on Jiangning campus constructed in 2003 has three bedrooms and one living room. Each bedroom accommodates two students, with the living room and bathroom shared by all the 6 apartment-mates. Launderette is on the ground floor.

The international students' apartment building on Wutai campus built in 2007 have double rooms and triple rooms, where elevator is available 24 hours a day. Each room has a bathroom and a kitchen counter. These apartments are electronically monitored and provided quality residential property management services.

There is an international students' dining hall and some Chinese food halls on campus.