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A Successful English-medium Teaching Contest

On November 12, 2010, the fourth English-medium teaching contest was held in Room 202, Xianzhi Building on Wutai Campus.

This competition was sponsored by the Department of Teaching Affairs and School of International Education in collaboration with the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the First School of Clinical Medicine, the Second School of Clinical Medicine, the Third School of Clinical Medicine, the Fourth School of Clinical Medicine, the School of Public Health, the School of Stomatology, the School of Pharmacy and Gulou School of Clinical Medicine. Sixteen teachers participated in the contest.

The participants’ clear pronunciation, appropriate dress, natural and confident way of delivery, supplemented by the well-prepared materials, made the teaching competition impressive, interesting and successful. Nine professors, one foreign teacher and one international student comprised the judge group.

The first prize was awarded to Hu Kaixuan and Leng Jing. Second prize went to Bao Hongguang, Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Yanli. Third-prize winners were Li Yanli, Feng Qing, Cui Shengzhong, Cui Dai, and Liang Ya. Zhang Yongjie and other 5 teachers got the excellence prize.

Professor Wang Xinru, vice president of Nanjing Medical University and other leaders and experts also attended the contest and the prize awarding ceremony.

Over 60 teachers and students witnessed the success. To our delight, the lecturing ability as well as the English proficiency of the contestants has been obviously enhanced compared with the previous contests, according to the feedback from the experts present. We believe such activities will encourage active participation in lecturing for international students and enhance the quality of English-medium teaching in our University.