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Present of Total Group (France) Visited Xi’an Petroleum University

The French representative group paid a visit to Xi’an Petroleum University, focusing on international exchange and cooperation place, deputy director of the DongHao welcomed and greeted the visiting guests. Both sides emphasized the future of the students in the cooperation of in-depth talk, and further increased the total a summer camp activities for the students in our school, providing better platform for students to understand and learn foreign advanced technology.

Afternoon French total group members of the board of directors, total professor association (Bruno's WeiMu Weymuller) professor at west order academic lecture hall for the university of petroleum engineering, storage and transportation engineering, oil and Gas resources professional more than 200 students do about Shale Gas (oil) project research projects academic report. WeiMu lai (Bruno Weymuller) professor from oil shale, oil exploration and drilling geological structure, the horizontal well and tilt, water and sediment choose reasonable use and the treatment, operation and environmental protection method to several aspects students do the brilliant report, and answered the students' questions. At the same time, he also introduced students to the French total group and the oil in the implementation of the group cooperation projects. The students to WeiMu lai (Bruno Weymuller) professor professional academic current areas of report, have put forward a warm response are interested in question. The international exchange and cooperation place relevant personnel to represent the school with visiting France total group company President Mr. HeCheng China and Beijing company project director LiXiao lady and attended the lecture.