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conditions on campus:

Life in the campus is very convenient with post office, mini-supermarket, barbershop, hospital land ATM. The 4 school cafeterias and dining halls provides different favored food, as Chinese food, fast food, local-featured favored food, cakeproduct and Muslim food. It takes you 20-30RMB each day varied according to your consumption.
The physical education facilities are also well-equipped. There are basketball, volleyball, tennis, and football playground. In the school gym, there are badminton, table tennis, fitness center and Chinese Kongfu pavilion.

Live in the international Dormitory on campus:

The 5-floor International Students Dormitory of XSYU has 25 suit-rooms and 8 single rooms.

  1. 4 students are supposed to live in one suit-room, in which 2 bedrooms, 1 sitting room, and 1 washing room with shower and water closet. The bedrooms are equipped with 2 mattresses, air-conditioner, TV, 2 desks and 2 wardrobes.
  2. In each floor, there is one Public Kitchen and Laundry equipped with electrometric ovens and wash machines, and one public lavatory.
  3. Standard of accommodation
Type of Rooms bedrooms Public Part Equipment in rooms Charge standard
Suit-rooms 2 in one bedroom Equipped with a sitting room, a bathroom with toilet and shower.
A public kitchen and laundry and a public washroom in each floor.
2 single beds, 2 desks, 2 wardrobes,1 TV, 1 network connector. 4600 RMB
Double room 2 in one bedroom A public kitchen and laundry and a public washroom in each floor. 3000 RMB

1. The charge fee for accommodation does not include the personal beddings. School supplies limited electricity. Electricity fee should be paid by all the residence students in one dormitory together over limited electricity.
2. The electricity cost in the public kitchen and laundry will be paid by the university.
3. Every student should pay 500 RMB for a living deposit. It will be refund after the check of your room.

Renting an apartment out campus:

All the international students, especially new comers to Xi’an for the first time, are strongly recommended to live in the International Students Dormitory on campus. After the second semester, you can apply to live off campus and rent an apartment.

There are different residential quarters around the main campus. You may rent an apartment with two bedrooms or three bedrooms together with your classmates. It costs about 1500-2000RMB per month in variety and the fees for heating system, natural gas and electricity not included.  

A Reference List of International Students Expenses

List Standard(RMB) Remarks
Accommodation 4600 RMB
Accommodation fee for living in the International Students Dormitory on campus, not including Bedding and personal articles.
If you choose to live off campus, it’s 1500-3000/month, according to the sizes and locations of the room you rent.
Deposits for Accommodation 500 RMB/person It should be paid once before check-in, and will be refunded when the room and goods are in good condition.
School Card 20 RMB Use in the school cafeteria.
Electricity Fee 300RMB/person/term Electricity fee should be paid upon personal usage. The charge standard is decided by the Power Company, and the current standard is 0.5yuan/unit.
Internet Fee 120 RMB/person
/a half year
The internet service will be available upon personal requirement and application.
TV Fee 380 RMB/person /year TV service at dormitory is available upon personal requirement and application.