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For Summer Session Chinese Language Program

No.3 Apartment for international students Types of rooms Beds, bookcases, Desks, wardrobes Rent fee/day
Double Room Bathroom, radiator, shower bath, TV, air-conditioner, 201 card phones RMB 40/bed
Single Room RMB 80/room
Public Facilities Card phones, wash machines, refrigerators

For students who are registered more than 6 months:

  Room Facilities




Bathroom, Heating, Air conditioner (North building)



Bathroom, Heating, Air conditioner (South Building)



Facilities in the Building: Refrigerator and telephone for public use; laundry service with charge; TV-set for rent.

Note: The accommodation fees above are for long-term students. Fees maybe higher for short-term students.


on campus

Libraries: library & reference room of the University

Table tennis room: exclusively open to students

Dining halls: for foreign and Chinese teachers and students respectively

Network: classroom in which DDN network joints are provided

Facilities within an easy access


Off campus

Network bars: expenditure ??MB2/hr.

Banks: 10 Banks nearby.

Post office: opposite to the front gate of the University

Supermarkets: Home Club & Metro

Food Expenses
The monthly cost in the students' cafeteria is approximately $70.

Your basic needs and attention

A Place to live:
In this chapter you will find some more information on living in a student dormitory managed by Foreign Affairs Service Center. When renting student accommodation, keep in mind to live up to the following rules:

All residents clean their own room and keep the room tidy.
If you happen to break something, you will have to replace at your own expense.
When you leave the house, to make sure that you’ve already turn off the lights, turn the plugs down and locks the doors. This will be more secure and can prevent fire happening.
Tap water can not be drunk directly. Please get boiled water from water heater room where locates on each floor.
The door of student dormitory will open at 6;30 A.M and close at 23: 30 P.M everyday.

Self-service laundry:
International student dormitory provides laundry service. Laundry room locates at first floor of the students dormitory and 3 yuan will be charged for one basket clothes each time.

All international students may share with one P. O. Box. It is: P. O. Box 70, School of Chinese Studies, Xi’an International Studies University, Xi’an, China.

Please take very much care of your valuable stuff, such as: passport, credit card, cash, mobile phone, handle computer and so on or you can ask reception desk in lobby to keep your valuable stuff well. It is not necessary to have the valuable things with you if you go shopping or take bus in case the pickpockets may visit you.

The telephone system of international student dorm differs from the city telephone system. It is called “Campus Telephone Card”. It is free of rental. But you have to buy the card from Reception Desk in the lobby if you would like to give the call to the local area or other countries. The value of telephone card is 50 yuan and 100 RMB.

Internet is very popularly used both in campus and city itself. There is internet room locates at first floor in international student dorm and it can be used by paying 2 yuan for one hour each and there are many internet bars spread around the campus if you like to enjoy the internet.

Bank of China is the only bank that people can exchange the foreign currency. There is a Bank of China where locates at Chang An Road which is about 500 hundred meters far away from the north gate of the university.

Dining Room:
There is a dining room for experts, teachers and international students in the yard of international student dorm and other four dining halls also can offer food service for about 10 thousand Chinese students in the campus.

There are two supermarkets locating nearby XISU. The smaller one “ Home Club “ is just beside the south gate of XISU and the bigger one “ Metro “ which is newly founded locates at south direction of XISU and it is about one mile far from the campus. It is a kind of market by using membership card.

There is a street called “SHI DA LU” beside the south gate of XISU. Post office is in the middle part of the street. Letters, express letters and parcels can be mailed here.

The voltage in your room is 220 V, 50 HZ. Please do not use any electrical equipment that is more than 800 watts and turn off all the electric appliances before leaving your room in case unexpected thing happens.

In China, the bicycle is the cheapest and easiest way to get you around to every corner of the city. You can buy bright new one from supermarket or any big department store. Many types of bicycle can be chosen. Buying a second-hand bike rather cheap than a new one in any second-hand market around the city.

Other way of finding a place to live

After sometime of staying as a freshman in the dorm provided by the university you may want to look for a proper place outside of campus for yourself. If you’ve got final decision that you will move out please pay attention to the following points:

Student who would like to move out need to get and fill up an application form from office of SCS in advance.

Three documents are needed to hand over to the office of SCS.
+ Copy of house owner’s ID
+ Copy of agreement for renting house between student and house owner.
+ Copy of certificate of house property