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JMSU provides foreign students with apartments with complete facilities. The apartments are equipped with telephones, color TV sets, internet access, refrigerators, desks, wardrobes and bathrooms.

Rates for School Housing:
Single Room: CNY 40 per day per person
Double Room: CNY 20 per day per person
Three-persons Room: CNY 15 per day per person

Dining and Estimated Cost
JMSU has Chinese, South Korean and Muslim Western restaurants. The apartments are equipped with public kitchens. Foreign students can have dinner at apartment restaurants or for students' dining halls. The cost is about RMB 10 - 50 per day per person. Foreign students can cook dinner themselves.

Other Facilities and Living Conditions
JMSU is located by the side of the enchanting Songhua River, where along which are beautiful sceneries, and for each season are evident feature of a warm winter and cool summer, The traffic through the highways, railways and airways (to Beijing, Dalian, Harbin, etc.) is convenient. JMSU has an elegant environment with five districts and a high-tech district. On the campus there are complete facilities for physical training, with gymnasiums for playing basketball, volleyball and pingpong, and another gymnasium with a swimming pool and a racket count. The apartments for foreign students, which are equipped with a public washhouse, grocery stores, bars, gymnasiums, etc., are perfect spaces for their study, living and social interaction.