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School of Stomatology

Stomatolog College and affiliated Second Hospital and Dental Hospital were founded in 1974. It was the first to be established one of six oral medical colleges. In 1990, it has become one of the important stomatological colleges in Heilongjiang Province, providing dental education, research and comprehensive oral heal care. These days, it becomes to apply for doctor specialities award and focus on the construction unit of Jiamusi University

Now we have 409 medical teachers in all, including 1 postdoctor, 4 Drs, 29 graduate students, 30 professors and chief physicians , 48 associate professors and associate chief physicians, 580 hospital beds, and 88 dental chairs. There is MRI, CT, DR camera and so on Large-scale medical equipment valued at 24 million yuan.

Our hospital involves 8 specialties for treatments in endodontic, periodontics, prosthodontics, Children's dental, plastic surgery center, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and craft center. In the clinic dept, we have internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, MRI, CT, Ultrasonic, laboatory and so on 16 other medical departments. Patients were we have annually served for 12000 patients in outpatient clinics, 5000 patients treated in inpatient words, and for 3000 paitents operated satisfied with 99.8% attitude.

The dental-clinical specialty is listed in the key specialties of the country and 3 specialties entitled to confer Master's degree. The hospital also has one key discipline at the provincial level and 3 research institutes. There are many well-known experts in the hospital. Association of Oral remembers and Oral prevention Center was established in September 2009.

In 2005, the hospital moved to a new address,23,000-square-meters building was used, Environment that treatment conditions were improved. It has become a comprehensive medical service of Jiamusi. Personnel training as our goal, Improve the scientific research level and academic staff, quality of medical care, develop Oral Features. We make efforts to strength level of health care standards to get the province's leading. The college makes efforts to develop international communication and collaboration.

Introduction of Department of Oral Medicine of School of Stomatology
1.Special Training Targets
High special talent students in stomatology are trained. They can use speculative knowledge and clinical skills on Preclinical, Clinical and Oral medicine to diagnose, treat and prevent the common and frequently-occurring oral diseases.
2.Special Training Features and Demands
1) To grasp the speculative knowledge and clinical skills on Preclinical and Clinical medicine;
2) To grasp the speculative knowledge and experimental skills in oral medicine;
3) Get the ability to treat the common and frequently-occurring diseases and do urgent, difficult, severe diseases initially;
4) To grasp the basic knowledge and medical technology in prosthodontics;
5) To familiar with the national health guidelines, policies and laws;
6) To known the methods of literature search, data query, and have an ability of clinical scientific researching initially in oral medicine.
3.School System and Degree
Stomatology is set up 5-year system. And 207 credits (including 15 credits of selective course, 9 credits of public's, 48 credits of practice's ) were required before graduation. Bachelor of Medicine degree will be awarded after meet the conditions for granting.
4.Majors and Main Courses
Majors: basic medicine, clinical medicine, stomatology.
Main Courses: Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics, Otolaryngology, Oral Pharmacology, Oral Anatomy, Oral Tissue Pathology, Dental Materials Science, Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Children's of stomatology.
5.Curriculum and the Proportion of Lessons
Public course contains 808 hours. There are 25.3% of the total class hours.
Basic course contains 196 hours. There are 6.1% of the total class hours.
Specialized Basic Course contains 1200 hours, There are 37.6% of the total class hours.
Specialized courses contains 676 hours, there are 21.3% of the total class hours.
Optional course contains 310 hours, There are 9.7% of the total class hours.
6.Practice Teaching and Demand
Practice teaching includes between classes practice and internships on oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery prosthodontics, and so on, which arranged from 9 to 10 semester, totaling 45 weeks.
7.Assessment Methods
Curriculum Examination with the hundred-mark system and Assessment Sub-examine with the five-point scale, that is excellent, good, medium, pass, fail, were taken. Pass and fail were used in elective courses.
 8.Development of Department
 Department of Oral Medicine of School of Stomatology in Jiamusi University was one of six first stomatological colleges founded in 1974, which is the first and largest oral medical department in northeastern of China, and takes on an important status in the country. It has been rapid development after several generations' hard work. There are 409 staffs at present. 78 of them are professor or associate professor.  Moreover 7 of them obtained doctor degree. There are 13 teaching and researching sections, including teeth endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics and so on. There is a fine provincial-level courses and a field-grade Quality Course.
There are three scientific research institutions, that is Heilongjiang Dental Medical Research institution, Jiamusi University Medical Materials Research institution, and Jiamusi University Neuroscience institution. Besides, there are Biomedical Materials Key Laboratory of Universities of Heilongjiang province and the Provincial Key Laboratory of Oral Biomedical. Since 1986, postgraduates were trained. It was authorized to award master's degree in 1994 and keep the largest  number of dental medicine postgraduates in Northeast China. Up to now, about 50 postgraduates were enrolled annually. The department of oral medicine takes on works to teach and training for graduate, undergraduate, continuing education and adult education. Nowadays it is the largest medical and has integrated oral medicine treatment and prevention, teaching work, scientific research into a whole in Northeast of China. The department has been built into the national characteristics, provincial academic, the first national enrollment. It is the department of oral medicine that contribute on training high special talent students in stomatology greatly.