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Love-filled Food Sharing Event Brings International Students Warmth of Family Reunio

On the pleasant Friday evening of April 30thInternational students of NPU belonging to the far corners of globe gathered for a supper of inter-cultural harmony & gastronomic delight. These twilight dreams of family reunion, friendly cooking meet-ups, love-filled food sharing and having bunch of global delicacies under one roof were hosted under the hygienic and comfortable environment of International Student Dormitory (Haitianyuan) of Changán Campus.



International Students including but not limited to Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Yemen, Bangladesh, Morocco, Syria and Kazakhstan have participated in this culinary affair of friendly apportioning. Be it the Pakistani Biryani, Uzbek palov, Arabic Qabsa or the range of multi-country dishes containing fried dumplings (Samosa), fritters (Pakora, Kachori), and moisty baked sweets or the appetizing Chinese dishes; everything was prepared from scratch by students and was shared in a common buffet creating a communal environment.



Under the smiles of pleased bellies and satisfied hearts, sensing the long-due warmth of a family reunion; the gathering came to a conclusion after dinner. Everybody left happy, for be it about heeding the praise of their cookery skills or their eating prowess.



The event was arranged and organized by international students purely and was guided by the International Student Office (ISO). International College believes such inter-cultural engagements either in the form of cuisine mix meets or artistic engagements brings hidden talents and hobbies of our international students to the centre stage and using such times, they can cater their needs for improving and becoming better.