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why study in Northwestern Polytechnical University

NPU is located in the ancient capital city of Xi’an, a historical place that has nurtured the civilizations of 13 dynasties such as Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang. NPU was founded in 1938 in Hanzhong and moved to Xi’an in October 1957 by combining the Northwest Institute of Engineering with the East China Institute of Aeronautics. Later in 1970, the Department of Aeronautics of Harbin Institute of Engineering merged with the university.

NPU is a research-oriented, multi-disciplinary, international university of science and technology, and has strong capabilities and outstanding achievements in aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology, which makes it very unique and distinguished from other institutions. With special emphasis on science and technology, NPU also offers well developed programs in the humanities, economics, management and law.

NPU is an important center for scientific and technological innovation. For more than 70 years, the university has made significant contributions to China’s scientific and technological advancement, as well as its social and economic development. Since its foundation, NPU has graduated more than 140,000 students, including the first PhDs awarded in China in six different disciplines. The dedicated faculty of NPU are proud of their vibrant contributing alumni scattered across the globe.  

The university has two beautiful campuses. The Youyi campus is located adjacent to the West Market of the Tang dynasty. The Chang’an campus is situated between majestic mountain scenery and meandering rivers. Both campuses are excellent locations for acquiring knowledge and fostering technological innovation. These campuses also serve as places where our culture will be passed on to future generations.

NPU attaches great importance on promoting international collegiate activities. The university has signed agreements with more than 100 foreign universities and research institutions in a wide scope of academic exchange and cooperation in science and technology.

NPU will continue to focus on aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology, exemplifying a spirit of exploration, open-mindedness and courage to soar in the sky, fly into space, and probe the oceans below, writing new chapters for the history books of tomorrow. I look forward to continuing to work with my fond friends in education: administrators, teachers and students, both at home and abroad, to create a glorious future for us all.